Hottest #9 – Uprising

At long last, I’ve finally taken a nibble at that bullet, knuckled down and created the second installment to my Hottest-100-top-10-mini-poster-series-thing (if you can come up with a more succinct title for it, that would be great. Put it in the comments!). So it is with great joy and relief that I present to you…

Uprising – Muse

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In which I apologise for being absent

After resolving to post every week, then re-resolving to post every fortnight, I have allowed myself to become apathetic. Things like work (and lack thereof), uni, life, and others, have obfuscated that which is truly important – writing things on the internet. It really is a shame, but hopefully it is not one which will remain so shameful herein.

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Hottest #10 – The Dog Days are Over

In an attempt to keep my creative organs stimulated, I’ve decided to start on a new 10-part series of mini posters / CD covers based on the top 10 songs from Triple J’s Hottest 100. Without further ado, part 1:

The Dog Days are Over – Florence and the Machine

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4 easy steps towards socially responsible design

There’s been a lot of talk recently — and by recently, I mean in the last few years — about social responsibility, and how it relates to a slew of different industries. With some industries (big auto, big oil, big pharma, mining, defence; need I go on?) the respective implications and implementations are obvious. And while these industries have such obvious pitfalls (with such drastic ramifications), it’s all too easy for Designer Joe and Designer Jane to assume that their industry is blameless. Most of our output is digital, and we (usually) don’t accept jobs from socially reprehensible clients — heck, our work spaces are so minimalist that even when we do pollute it, it’s still clean. We’ve covered all our bases, right?

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Identify this face #1

I saw these specimens on a mop bucket in my brother’s laundry, and my interest was piqued.
Does anybody know what typeface this is? It appears to be in transitional cursive style, or maybe oblique transitional serif.

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From whence my muse cometh, Pt. 1 – Typography

Oh no. Dilemma. It’s 2am. It’s two days past my post-per-week deadline, and I still don’t know what I’m going to write about! I know. I’ll have a look at my Google Reader account, and maybe I’ll be able to draw some inspiration therein.

Two hours of reading, viewing, laughing and ooh-ahhing follow.

Ok, so still no ‘eureka’ moment; still no brilliant topic about which to write. Still nothing spectacular to share with you, but I do have a kickass collection of blogs, feeds and syndications. Shall I share those with you?


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Country town signs and lettering

January ’10 brought with it the highly-anticipated, fourth annual Broulee Coast Trip – a pilgrimage to the small coastal town 20 kilometres south of Batemans Bay on the New South Wales ‘South Coast’. Armed with alcohol, money for alcohol, swimwear and high spirits (the non-alcoholic kind), I piled into a car with my closest compatriots, and with 3 certainties in mind:

  1. We would pass through the small town of Braidwood, NSW.
  2. There would be copious amounts of drinking and revelry.
  3. Hangovers were likely to follow.

While I knew that #2 and #3 would leave me with very little time – or coordination – with which to create content for my weekly blog post, I was determined to make the most of #1.

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The Quinntessential fashion blog

Earlier this year I discovered that one of my old high school friends has an online publication, titled Kings & Quinns. Miss Quinn’s charm has always been in her ability to combine her impressive intellect with a disarming wit and sense of humour (not to mention an infectious smile, but that has less to do with her writing), so I was excited delighted elated when I saw the facebook status that heralded her latest post. I simply had to explore!

Kings & Quinns Screenshot

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The prodigal author returns

My, how the months have flown past. It seems the last post I wrote was in April; it is now nearing January and nary a peep has been heard from these pages! Suffering from the designer’s eternal curse of “my-best-is-yet-to-come-itis”, I put off blogging until I had finished the redesign (a project which has been started and restarted countless times). Unfortunately assignments came along, then exams, then parties, then holidays, and the redesign inevitably took the back seat – of a really freaking long bus – and is now earmarked for launch some time in February rather than by the new year.

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under (re)development

UPDATE: Please be aware that while the website is back online, most of the original content isn’t yet. Image galleries and a few other bits need to be uploaded again, so bear with me as I get around to this. Thanks.

So this little website of mine may not have a large following – in fact, to paraphrase Larry Sanders and David Duchovny it has more of a ‘cult following’, or almost no following at all. But those of you who at least try to keep up to date with my updates would have noticed that my collection of musings has been completely absent over the past few weeks. This is partly due to technical difficulties with my hosting provider, partly due to impatience with said provider’s technical difficulties, and partly due to laziness on my part in fixing said technical difficulties. However there is no more need to despair over when you will be able to get your next fix of Juan-branded insanity. I have reinstated my blog and am ready to begin posting things once more. Read More »

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