A long intended endeavour (oft-repeated)

After months of trying to find suitable existing platforms, making excuses, overthinking, and generally procrastinating, I've decided to "roll my own" website. Admittedly, this seems to be a seasonal undertaking for me, but after a few chats with colleagues about our "piles of shame" (that insurmountable heap of unfinished projects, for which our once-ample enthusiasm has waned), I decided that I should bite the bullet.

In trying to decide on the scope of this project, I had a go at listing out some of the things I'd want my website to be:

  • a consolidated web presence,
  • a place to store my thoughts and learnings,
  • an album for my photos and visual adventures,
  • a playground for food experiments and recipe documentation, and
  • an evolving expression of my technical opinions and learnings

It seems like a huge task to achieve all of that with one project, but having these goals has given me some direction and clarity. Hopefully in the coming days and weeks I'll share a bit more about the choices I've made to achieve these goals.