From whence my muse cometh, Pt. 1 – Typography

Oh no. Dilemma. It’s 2am. It’s two days past my post-per-week deadline, and I still don’t know what I’m going to write about! I know. I’ll have a look at my Google Reader account, and maybe I’ll be able to draw some inspiration therein.

Two hours of reading, viewing, laughing and ooh-ahhing follow.

Ok, so still no ‘eureka’ moment; still no brilliant topic about which to write. Still nothing spectacular to share with you, but I do have a kickass collection of blogs, feeds and syndications. Shall I share those with you?


I have an awesome (yes, it inspires awe) collection of eye and mind candy on which I feast quite regularly – and perhaps excessively, – and a big part of its awesomeness is its extensiveness, spanning fromadvertising to Melbourne local life with many stops in between. I don’t want to bore you by spilling them all at once, so instead I’ll pick out the top 9 sources – in no particular order – from an arbitrarily selected folder. This week the folder is…


Typophile News/Releases home page is a great place to start your typographic explorations

I subscribe to two feeds from Typophile, but I feel justified in grouping them because they sometimes overlap in content. Documenting the latest in typographic news and font releases, Typophile is a great place to start.

Typographica home page

The RSS feed may not include images, but it's worth subscribing to

This is a great website with amazing typographic content. One small caveat is that its RSS feed doesn’t include imagery, however the content is well worth the clickthrough.

Fontfeed home page

Some beautiful specimens and funny typographic observations

In the same vein as Typophile, Fontfeed gathers and distributes typographic news with gratuitous abandon. Far be it from me to complain though. I love them for it!

The Daily Dropcap home page

One beautiful, handcrafted letter per work day. Heaven.

Strictly speaking, this is more lettering than typography. Jessica Hische creates beautiful, ornate letter forms and hands them out with all the affection of a mother buffalo nursing her calf back to health after an attack from a pride of lions and a crocodile.

For the Love of Type home page

Gorgeous specimens of typography and lettering

Presumably the journalings of a professional letterpress printer / typographer / designer, FtLoT delivers some really beeeyoodiful real-world examples of typography, lettering and letterpress printing.

Friends of Type home page

typographic and lettering studies with real panache

An excellent source of typographic and letter form affection, in the shape of type and lettering studies. For those times when you don’t want to be just friends with type *wink nudge*.

I Love Typography home page

Me too, my friends. Me too.

Similar to Typophile and Fontfeed, I Love Typography is an aggregation of typographic news and beauty. Sprinkled among the many typeface release reports, there are also type-rich videos, studies or street finds.

Hoefler & Frere-Jones home page

The industry demigods share their typographic wisdom

Writings, proclamations and witticisms  from the eponymous New York typography studio, this feed supplies me with a veritable slew of beautiful typeface specimens.

A Blog About Typography, Letterpress & Printing History home page

Letterpress and old-fashioned type make me quiver...

I am In Love with vintage typography – letterpress, woodcut letter forms, black-and-white film titles, et cetera ad infinitum, – so a blog that is overflowing with imagery of both the printing tools, as well as the type specimens they produce makes me giddy.

This list makes up about half of my typography folder in Google Reader. I could have included them all, but I decided to only include the best, most frequently-updated blogs. I’m also sure there are other blogs or sites of which I am unaware, and if you know of any please share them with me in the comments! Which typographic or lettering-related blogs do you frequent?

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    I’ve gotten some great ideas looking at some of the font on this site. Thanks for posting this

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